Circular Economy and the new entrepreneurial and social revolution

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Why Circular Economy and Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship has been identified as one of the key drivers of sustainable economic growth – it creates new businesses, drives and shapes innovation, speeds up structural changes in the economy, and introduces new competition. Therefore, entrepreneurs will be leading the transition to a circular economy. Regional and local authorities have numerous tools at their disposal to support that shift. As the paths towards circular economy differ between regions so do policy measures that can be deployed. Ensuring a successful transition to a circular economy requires efforts on many different fronts.


Igor Kos

Advisor to the Mayor of the city of Maribor

Jerzy Hausner

Professor of Economic Sciences, Cracow University of Economics

Martina Kuchařová

Project Manager, Energy Agency of Vysočina

Luis J. Garcia-Torremocha Checa

Business Manager, Extremadura

Vasco Fitas da Cruz

Associate Professor of Rural Engineering, Évora University

Michał Mackiewicz

Professor of Economics, University of Łódź

Daniel Calleja Crespo

Director-General DG Environment

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